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Only Young in Life Still...

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So this page is pretty much inactive now as I, like most, have joined Tumblr. You can find me there: sarahmadeline.tumblr.com. Come say hi!
Hmmm...what else to share? I have a serious TV addiction. First & foremost, I love Chuck. Other tv loves (which can in no way compare to Chuck lol) are: OTH, the OC and Gilmore Girls.
In RL, I love my family and friends. I don't know how I'd survive without my parents and my small group of close friends. Random facts, just cause I think they're fun: I love polka dots, Disneyland/Disneyworld and anything coffee.
My Ships
So I love my tv shows, but I love my ships even more.
**Chuck**Chuck & Sarah, I've fallen so in love with this couple. I find their relationship beautiful and am beyond pleased with how we got to see the angsty seasons and now the payoff. And Sarah Walker owns my heart when she says "I wanna marry you." I could go on and on about this couple, but here's what it comes down to--they are such a wonderful functional couple. They are a real, flawed, fleshed out couple that has normal problems, not so normal spy problems and at the end of the day is CLEARLY in love with each other--yes, apparently some TV shows can go there!
*GG** "Angel baby, you've got wings." And thus, it begins. They're at the heart of my fandom love and I could go on and on. Luke and Lorelai--I will always love you. Of course though, it's the Gilmore Girls who won my heart in the beginning. Who doesn't want to be a Gilmore Girl? Or Lorelai, in my case.
**OTH** I've recently become an LP fan. Yep, I gave my heart to a new ship and finally-they got their happy ending! Of course, I still got my BL love there and I love how they have their friendship-love moments. And of course Nathan and Halely. High school love gone right. And now Brooke & Julian. A guy who can accept your fake kid and bring your mother to her senses and get Brooke to say ILY, enough said.
Friends Only
Okay, so minus some random public posts, this journal is friends only. However, if so inclinded, feel free to friend me! I just do it more for security than to deter people. My posts revolve around well, my life and of course, my tv love.
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